Pioneer Human Services is a social enterprise that provides individuals with criminal histories the opportunity to lead healthy, productive lives.

By providing the skills and support that individuals with a criminal record need, Pioneer is helping to stop the cycle of criminal behavior that leads back to incarceration, saving millions of dollars to taxpayers and creating safer communities. Their services include:

  • Outpatient and residential counseling and treatment programs – They serve individuals struggling with substance use disorders and mental health issues so they have the opportunity to live healthy lives and be productive members of our communities. Pioneer also provides in-jail substance abuse treatment programs, operates drug court diversion programs, and in-home counseling for family unification.
  • Short-term and permanent housing – Providing their clients with a safe place to live and reunite with family, along with an address to use when filling out an application for work. Many justice-involved individuals struggle to navigate the barriers to obtaining basic needs like housing. Their services also include resource referrals and case management in many of our housing programs.
  • Job-readiness and occupational training – Pioneer prepares individuals for the workforce. Individuals with a criminal history often have limited work experience, along with a lack of education and job skills that limits their chance to be hired. In addition to job skills, their students learn the skills needed to maintain a substance-free lifestyle, and make better decisions at work and within their personal lives.

Pioneer opened as a single halfway house for adult men in Seattle in November 1963. Today, Pioneer has 50 facilities across Washington State that provide men, women and youth with treatment, housing and employment services. By providing the skills and support that individuals with a criminal record need, Pioneer is helping to stop the cycle of criminal behavior that leads back to incarceration.

As a social enterprise, they own and operate:

    • Three manufacturing plants for the aerospace and commercial industries
    • Food services division that prepares meals for Pioneer residential programs as well as other organizations’ programs
    • Construction enterprise that maintains Pioneer facilities and provides renovation services for other organizations

All of their enterprises provide revenue to help fund their programs and provide training and employment for many of the people they serve. In 2016, 64 percent of their enterprise workforce had a criminal history or was in recovery.

Pioneer’s focus is to assist individuals in breaking free from the stigma of having a criminal record to live a successful and happy life.

Apprenticeship Training

Pioneer is very proud of the men and women we nominate for the apprenticeship program. The program is offered in partnership with the Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee (AJAC) and local community colleges in the Pierce and King County regions. The program provides occupational skills training that combines 93% supervised on-the-job training experience with 7% classroom instruction.

Men and women have the opportunity to earn their sheet metal fabrication certificate, or CNC (machinist) operator certificate in two years. CNC machinists can then continue on to become a journeyman (master machinist) after four years of satisfactory progression through the program, as demonstrated by proper rotation of work progresses (OJT) and passing of corresponding classes. It is a proven way to train people for careers in the aerospace, aviation and advanced manufacturing industries that demand a wide range of skills, knowledge, and independent judgment.

Job Training

All Pioneer occupational training programs are developed for graduates from our Roadmap to Success training program.

Manufacturing Academy

This training program provides pre-apprenticeship training to men and women interested in manufacturing. This 8-week course offers the basics in manufacturing and safety to better position candidates for entry-level positions. The Academy uses an accredited curriculum sponsored by the Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee (AJAC) and all graduates receive the following certificates:

PHS Seattle Manufacturing Facility
PHS Seattle Manufacturing Facility

  • Basic Manufacturing
  • LEAN
  • Forklift Driving
  • Flagger
  • First Aid/CPR

Food Services Training

The program focuses on teaching the specific culinary skills needed to work in a food services position. Students receive hands-on training to master skills for planning and preparing food for a restaurant, caterer or commercial kitchen.

All students must be graduates of Pioneer’s Roadmap to Success training program and be referred by a staff member. Students have the option to choose one of the following training program tracks that fits best with their needs.

  • FAST TRACK – a four-week, 120-hour course for individuals that needs a short-term temporary work environment while performing job search activities.
  • HALF PROGRAM – an eight-week, 240-hour course for students in need of a more supportive training environment. Students may be eligible to receive college credits in this course and have the opportunity to take the exam for a ServSafe certificate.
  • FULL PROGRAM – a 12-week, 360-hour training program for students pursuing a career in the food service industry. The course covers everything from slicing techniques to menu planning and production sheets. Students in this program are expected to complete every training module and take their ServSafe exam.

All applicants must be graduates of our Roadmap to Success training program to be eligible for any of our occupational training programs.